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matter to us. So it’s no surprise to us that the idea of JD Flannel came about while we, friends since our childhood, were fly fishing in Montana on the Big Hole River in the summer of 2017. The waters of Montana are something special, and they always seem to provide a level of inspiration that is elusive in our daily routines. And there is no doubt that we were both inspired on our fishing trip that year. They say friendship and business don’t mix, but our business was started precisely because of our 40-year friendship and a calling to serve.

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of convenience is never easy. Most food today is all about being cheap, quick, and convenient, especially with donuts and coffee. But we embraced the road less traveled by making our donuts from scratch and creating our own special blend of coffee. The word we like to use to describe our shop is “authentic”…we want our food to reflect the authenticity of the ingredients and baking processes. And we want the relationships we build with our employees and customers to be rooted in authenticity, which translates into a “come as you are” culture.

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for the opportunity to serve food products that we can fully stand behind! Our journey so far has been deeply satisfying, and we hope you are able to be part of our story!

Top 100 Donut Shops in the Country

JD Flannel is ranked #3  on the Top 100 Donut Shops in the US and Canada according to Yelp. Click here to read more. We want to thank our incredible staff for their hard, thoughtful work and our amazing customers who’ve supported us since we opened our doors just a handful of years ago.

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7:00am to 2:00pm

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JD Flannel
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